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Returning to work – a personal account of my return at Appius

As a woman who took a 10-year break from the IT industry, I was feeling lost and unsure about my career prospects. However, Appius came into my life and gave me a chance to re-enter the industry. Appius not only saw potential in me, but also offered a supportive environment that allowed me to develop my skills and regain my confidence. Appius didn’t provide me just an employment but they also provided me a wing to my career and giving  many dreams as well.


During my break, I had spent my time raising a family and pursuing other interests, but I always had a passion for technology and wanted to get back into the industry. I had many concerns about my ability to relearn and keep up with the constantly evolving technology, but Appius put those fears to rest. They provided me with training and resources to help me get back up to speed, and the encouragement I needed to succeed.

Appius culture was inclusive and diverse, which made me feel welcome and appreciated. I was able to work with a team of talented and knowledgeable individuals who were always willing to help and share their experiences. The team was also very supportive and encouraging, which made the transition back into the industry much easier for me.
The opportunities for growth and advancement at Appius were also very promising. Appius offered a variety of projects and initiatives, which allowed me to work on different technologies and develop a range of skills. I was able to take on new challenges and responsibilities, which helped me grow as a professional. I am associated with Appius Company as a Junior QA.  I have learnt functional and non-functional testing by working  in different project and technological environments. I have extensively written test cases and executed test cases on different applications in my organisation. Recently I have started learning automation tool. I also make sure that our deliverable goals are met from iteration to iteration and responsible to report the status and risks of the project to the senior management.

I am grateful for the opportunity that Appius gave me to re-enter the IT industry and I am confident that my journey with them will lead to even greater internal opportunities and success in the future. I hope that my story will inspire other women who are thinking about re-entering the industry after a break and encourage companies to provide opportunities for those who are looking to restart their careers.
I am thankful to Appius for believing in me and saw my potential and gave me a chance to pursue my passion in technology. Their support and encouragement have helped me to regain my confidence and succeed in my career. Appius is one of the biggest reasons why this next chapter for me is finally happening.







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Nithiya Srinivasan
Nithiya Srinivasan

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